New Edition: State of Commerce Advertising 1/2024
The exclusive report for decision makers of the industry

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Relevance is king: At decisive points in the buyer journey, mrge places your advertising messages closest to the content – or right within it. The result? Thanks to our huge publisher reach and an almost unlimited choice of ad formats, you can generate more clicks, more sales, and more growth.
affiliate marketing publisher
All of the largest meta-networks
3.5 BN
tracked clicks per year (in 2023)
€2.0+ BN
generated e-commerce revenue p.a. (in 2023)

One year of 
connecting growth.

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affiliate marketing provider

Let’s maximize your

As your global one-stop provider for Commerce Advertising, mrge combines intelligent tech tools and smart human brains to increase your online sales. We look forward to creating the perfect-fit package for your business and growth goal. Our Commerce Advertising Suite features:
Tried and tested relevant advertising formats
Innovative, experimental format options
Premium publishers offering top-drawer content
Performance packages with extensive reach advertising
Choice between CPO and CPC
Exclusive deals
Greatest possible transparency
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Safety first

We know that networks and advertisers must have the greatest possible safety for all performance objectives. That is why we ensure proven safety thanks to our:
Compliance with security standards
Terms & Conditions
Quality standards of partners involved

For mrge, besides delivering the highest possible performance, there is only one criterion: the traffic must be clean. Only human clicks count. We are committed to delivering high quality traffic.

Relevance is
created by content.
And by us.

Commerce Advertising

How to really get through to users

The sheer mass of display ads is putting consumers off, and third-party cookies are on their way out. But don’t worry: Commerce Advertising with mrge offers advertisers new ways to access potential customers and generate clear, measurable conversions. We see the user as a partner, not a challenge: By connecting your brand with suitable affiliate publishers, and placing your message in the most relevant advertising environment at the right time, our Commerce Advertising Suite leads to better purchase decisions – and thus sales.
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State of Commerce Advertising 1/2024

The exclusive report for decision makers of the industry
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Here's what our partners say

  • We have been working very successfully and closely with mrge for over 10 years. The group unites some of the largest publishers in the DACH region and generates 8-digit revenue figures for our advertisers each year. With the various marketing offers, both advertisers and publishers can monetize their reach nationally and globally, in a customized way. This is very appealing for the entire Awin network.
    Andreas Vogel
    Senior Technical Sales Manager
  • We have partnered with mrge for many years and really appreciate their support. Thanks to efficient communication, excellent performance, and the various advertising options that mrge offers, the cooperation is a lot of fun. We look forward to further successful years with mrge as our partner.
    Zaneta Andric
    Senior Partnership Success Manager
  • I have been working with mrge for quite a while now. I am very happy with the performance I see and with the support from the team and the account managers. We are in touch regularly, we optimize when we think it is the right time and the results never disappoint!
    Ethan Tsinouka
    Affiliate Executive
    Liberty London
  • Within our affiliate channel, we use mrge to enable comparison platforms and content publishers to link to our product pages. Several publishers prefer the technical solution of mrge, and we want to cater to them. Integrating mrge in our affiliate campaigns needs very little time, and budget adjustments can be made quickly, too.
    Tim van Hout
    Team Lead Affiliate Marketing
    Philips GmbH
  • mrge is a pleasure to work with, their hard work and professionalism is a testament to their team. I couldn't recommend mrge highly enough.
    Emily Ferguson
    Director Of Ecommerce
    Future Publishing
  • mrge is an integral part of our global strategy, granting our advertisers access to some of the world's most valuable and exclusive publisher partners. CJ and mrge have partnered in such an effective way that we have seen unprecedented accelerated growth across major markets over the last few years, partnering with a record number of new advertisers.
    Kate Knight
    EMEA Group Director | Publisher Development
    Commission Junction (CJ)
  • We started working with mrge in 2022 and our partnership quickly grew. We appreciate the way of communicating with each other and looking forward to continuing our partnership in 2023 and grow even more.
    Akin Guler
    Manager Affiliate Marketing
  • We appreciate the personal collaboration and the dynamic way that mrge responds to changing requirements – this helps us achieve our goals as effectively as possible
    Sarah Leuchte
    Manager Affiliate Marketing
    OTTO GmbH & Co. KG
  • mrge has been a tremendous help in boosting our business goals in the area of paid search. We have been able to achieve excellent results, especially with younger target groups and new customers. Particularly noteworthy: mrge offers first-class account management and personal support.
    Rafael Rohrmann
    Senior Performance Marketing Manager
    Shop Apotheke
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