The mrge Content Calendar: Turn special occasions into extra revenue — with seasonal content.

How relevant is your content to your audience (and to advertisers)? That’s often a simple question of timing. What thrills people in July, may leave them bored in September. So, what content should you publish during the different seasons of the year? Get inspired: Our crew of experts has put together an exciting Content Calendar!
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28. September 2020
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The mrge Content Calendar 

As a publisher, you don’t need to acknowledge every obscure social media holiday (although International Talk Like a Pirate Day might work for you), but there are a lot of good publishing opportunities apart from the major occasions. Putting yourself in your readers’ shoes always helps: Which dreams and needs might your audience have – for example in January? The winter months may spark thoughts about new interior, a healthier diet, or the next ski trip. What’s on their mind when spring returns? Gardening, weddings, or motorcycles? Be creative! The more relevant you make your content, the more attractive it becomes as an environment for advertiser campaigns. Think interaction rates, commissions, and additional revenue! The mrge Content Calendar is designed to inspire you as a publisher. Feel free to add our ideas and suggestions to your editorial plan – or simply download the whole calendar.

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