New Edition: State of Commerce Advertising 1/2024
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Commerce Content Playbook

The practical guide for decision-makers in performance marketing
Commerce Content is one of the most exciting combinations in online marketing today. Because “readers are buyers, and buyers are readers”, publishers can use Commerce Content to serve their target group’s need for information while also enabling potential buyers to make a direct purchase – thus monetizing their own content. For advertisers, Commerce Content opens up new, conversion-focused options beyond social ads, banners, and video ads. What’s more, advertisers can position themselves in a native context that is highly relevant to their target audience.
With our Commerce Content Playbook, you can:
Familiarize yourself with Commerce Content in detail
Explore Commerce Content from publishers’ and advertisers’ points of view
Gain exciting insights and best practices
Get to know the technologies involved in Commerce Content
Receive specific, hands-on tips for implementation
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