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19. Dezember 2022
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Tobias, one question for starters: What do you look for in an affiliate partner?

We pay attention to high quality, both in terms of technology and content. Product data should be provided in high frequency in all relevant formats. If there are any problems, good service should be available. In terms of content quality, it is important to us that the affiliate partner strives to continually enrich the product data – for example, with information on sustainability. To this end, we also foster communication and plan joint projects.

What is the biggest benefit of working with you?

Those who work with us have the advantage of receiving a large amount of very well-prequalified traffic. And to be involved as a preferred partner in developing innovative projects.

What has changed in user behavior during the past few months? And has your strategy changed as a result?

The pandemic boom is over. We see a cooling of the consumer climate, but no drastic change in usage behavior. For two years already, we have pursued the strategy of strengthening sustainability topics and promoting used products. In this respect, we did not have to change our strategy in the short term, but are well-positioned for the coming changes.

What do you expect to be the top industry trends in 2023?

We believe that people will buy less, and thus make more conscious purchase decisions. Which is exactly the use case for Testberichte.de: avoiding bad purchases! This is also a contribution to more sustainability. And that’s where we see another trend.

How so?

Preparing information on sustainability in such a way that it can be understood by everyone is going to be really important. Many people want to consume more sustainably, but don’t know how. Anyone who can help here will benefit from this trend – and contribute to an important paradigm shift.

Thanks for your time, Tobias. Enjoy the rest of your lunch!


About Tobias Weishaupt and Testberichte.de

Testberichte.de is Germany’s largest independent portal for comparing products. They process test results from 500 German-language magazines, as well as online reviews and technical specifications. Testberichte.de has been operated by Producto GmbH since 2003 and is a publisher of mrge entity shopping24. They use the s24 Search API (recomAD Data) via the EAN endpoint to add appropriate products to their platform. Our lunch partner Tobias Weishaupt is Head of Business Development at Testberichte.de/Producto GmbH.

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