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Relevance rules.
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At mrge we believe: The more relevant online advertising is, the greater its success. Our mission is to merge the benefits for advertisers, affiliate publishers, and users by placing campaign messages where they have the biggest impact for all three parties.
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One year of 
connecting growth.

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If you can’t find a good solution, create it!

Traditional online advertising has reached its limits. Consumers are suffering from “display ad fatigue” and third-party cookies are becoming a thing of the past – so how can advertisers still reach their audiences? How can affiliate publishers keep monetizing their website content? And how can we help users make better purchase decisions? Our creative minds felt that it was time for a new approach. An approach that transcends affiliate marketing to connect advertisers, publishers, and users for mutual success. Here it is: We call it Commerce Advertising.
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Our secret for business growth?
Include the user.

At mrge, we’re happiest when everybody benefits. With Commerce Advertising, users become a critical part of the business model. If they find relevant product/service information at decisive points in their buying process, everyone benefits. Our commerce content technology places ads in the most relevant environment, so the publisher’s content is enhanced, the user makes the best purchase decision, and advertisers can maximize their online sales. Bingo!
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Hard facts, soft skills: Here’s why we should work together.

mrge is big

Yes, size does matter. We offer you a powerful global reach with the world’s broadest selection of campaigns, formats, technology, and tools in Commerce Advertising.

mrge is growth-oriented

We are putting all our energy into expanding and developing our company and its services to successfully connect advertisers and affiliate marketing publishers for mutual success and growth.

mrge is tech-driven

We believe in continuous innovation. Day after day, we’re refining our technologies to help you reach your business goals at minimum outlay.

mrge is professional

Commitment and true motivation are what drives us. You can count on it: We’re always willing to go the extra mile to come up with flexible, custom solutions where required.

mrge is quality-driven

We aim for high quality – from our market-leading technology and powerful solutions, to our selection of top advertisers and premium publishers, to the high level of our personal support and services. And we ensure proven safety thanks to our compliance with security standards, terms & conditions, and quality standards of partners involved.
Our vision for the mrge Commerce Advertising Suite:
creating the world’s most profitable connection between advertisers and publishers.

We love to see you grow.

As a tech company, we understand that smart tools are key. But online advertising is still very much a “people business”. We really enjoy the close relationships we have with our clients. Supporting them with customized solutions, saving them time and effort, and helping them achieve their growth goals is at the very heart of our group. Let’s connect – you’ll see for yourself!
Felix Witte
General Manager / SVP Publishers & Advertisers
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